Vinyl and hand lettering-Pret Natural Foods

Hand Painting Signs


vinyl-and-hand-letteringHAND PAINTING signs has been around for thousands of years, and many clients think that it is a lost art, but it’s not. We still enjoy, and painting signs and luckily one of our favorite clients to work for Pret Natural Foods hires us to do many of Their hand-painted signs and murals in New York, Baltimore, Chicago and many other cities.

Hand painting sign a sign requires a bit of experience, some patience, and definitely some artistic abilities. A lot of newcomers call themselves “sign makers” after having purchased a vinyl cutter and having figured out how contour cut some lettering. We don’t consider those guys (or gals) sign makers. Although we don’t hold that against them, if they want to be true sign makers they have a long way to go. When you contact Royce Sign Works, you are contacting a true professional, we’ve been around for quite some time and done some impressive work along the way.

Royce Sign Works has been hand painting signs for over 20 years. We’ve hand-painted everything from glass to metal to wood. From truck lettering and large signs and even long lasting murals and decorations. It is not a lost art and in our shop, it can even be done on any subsurface for a unique look. We have many ways to utilize our hand-painted signs skills.

We can letter on virtually any surface leaving a beautiful and unique look. Our hand-painted signs last years. We use only the highest quality paints, the finest available on the market to deliver a sign with a great visual impact that will provide many years of durability.

A mixture of vinyl or digital prints makes for a high-quality look. We are also experienced in airbrushing in addition to sprays and brush experience. Letters and art can be airbrushed on signage and vehicles adding an astonishing effect of gradients, beveled edges looks and blending making for a beautiful and exquisite finished product. But it’s not